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Our schools have the required space where our students learn, share time together and play. They also have their social, physical and intellectual activities in those spaces where they increase their knowledge.


The classrooms have enough open space to allow the free movement of the students where they can work in collaboration with other students. Every classroom has a reading corner, a discipline area, didactic games, which motivate the students to learn more. The classrooms are large and they have AC.

In the special classes classrooms we have the necessary material for the students to develop in the proper environment.

In the classrooms for Art and Music the students have an opportunity to express themselves in a creative and artistic manner.

Arte y música

In the computer classroom we require the students to learn, in addition to different programs, how to search for information from different sources. The rate is, one computer per student.

In the Science Laboratory, the students apply what they learned in class since we have all the proper material such as sinks, microscopes, test tubes, etc.

Laboratorio de Ciencias

The library is the corner stone for information, since we have different information sources such as books, in English, Spanish and French. We also have access to electronic libraries and reading corners. We invite the students to spontaneously and independently use this space to develop reading habits in them.

The sport areas have been designed for the physical development of the students. We also invite the students to use said areas for recreation and entertainment, where they can practice several sports such as kick ball, basketball, and gymnastics.

Áreas Deportivas
Salones de estimulación temprana

Seeking to improve the motor development of the children in Nursery and Kinder, we have Early Stimulation Rooms, where children work with neuromotor activities according to each child´s maturity.