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Colegios Madison

We are a group of international Schools in different cities of Mexico, with a bilingual and constructivist educational system offering nursery, pre-school, elementary, junior high and high school through high quality academic programs. This group of schools includes: Colegio Bilingüe Madison Campus Altavista in Monterrey, Madison International School in Monterrey, Instituto Anglo Británico Campus Apodaca, Instituto Anglo Británico Campus Cumbres, Colegio Bilingüe Madison in Chihuahua, Colegio Bilingüe Madison in Torreón, Madison International School in Mérida (candidate phase for it’s certification for the IB programs).


Bilingüe 100%

A different educational model, with global impact through the IB and 100% bilingual.

It is very important for us that our students be 100% fluent in both languages.

That they be able to read, write and communicate in English and Spanish successfully in any place, today and in the future.

  • Afternoon Classes
  • Madison Comunity
  • Alliances
  • International events

Educational Model

It is different because among other things it is centered upon the student, with an international philosophy and it is based on constructivism, that is, the students build their own knowledge due to a precise planning and the proper support in and out of the classrooms.