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Our teachers are a key part in the implementation of the curriculum for the maximum benefit of our students. This is why at the Madison Schools the recruitment and selection process has very strict standards.

All teachers have a professional degree and every school period we offer a training program seeking to update every teacher in the pedagogical area and in the implementation of the IB programs and human development.

We also have a Foreign Teachers Program with American, Canadian and English teachers. This offers a great improvement in the daily conversations.


Foreign Teachers Program

Every Madison Bilingual School has as an essential part of its international program, a plan to hire foreign teachers.

The goal of this program is for the students to be exposed to different accents of teachers whose native language is English. Until today, the six schools have received teachers from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia and the Philippines.

To help the foreign teachers adapt to the Mexican culture, at the beginning of the school year we offer them a course where we explain the key parts and the behavior codes of our culture.

The schools assign a considerable part of their budget to this program in order to comply with the IB recommendations and for the students to always interact in English, since the teachers do not speak Spanish.

Constant Training

Some of the courses we provide for our teachers are:

Induction courses

Before the start of every school period, all the teachers meet for some time to review the school regulations, to learn about any changes which might have been implemented during the summer in different areas, to meet each other, to review the work material, to review their plans for the class according to the research program of each school, to arrange the classrooms, to receive the roll call of their respective group and to talk about other issues.

Training courses

Every month the teachers take training courses of different types: official, national, international, of each respective area of specialty, didactics, formative, etc.

International workshops

IB offers workshops with official trainers every year. These are attended by teachers and/or directors when the subjects involve them.

On site workshops

IB offers a workshop for all candidate schools to become international schools, where everyone comes to receive the official training on behalf of the IB trainers.